Hi, Maggie Linders here.

Hi, Maggie Linders here. I am a full-time freelance writer and creator of Freelance Writing Riches, a blog dedicated to empowering writers to earn money doing what they love...writing! I create products to help aspiring freelance writers like yourself realize their potential and teach them how to build profitable careers as writers.

When I started out, I was petrified of sending work to clients. My perfectionism and fear of failure got the best of me. But, now I am a successful, six-figure writer who loves what I do and I am happy to send my work out. How did I overcome this fear and build confidence?

Now presenting (drum roll please)...

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Hi, my name is Maggie Linders and I’ve helped thousands of people launch their own freelance writing business from home.

And the biggest roadblock writers face? A severe shortage of self-confidence. Don’t worry, it can be learned, just like you learned to ride your bike, and it’s easier than you’ve been told.

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  • How to dive deep into well-paid assignments with dream clients, even if you’re not feeling confident or “good enough”
  • My 7-day "fear-busting" plan that gave me the courage and confidence to double my rates (and annual income) in just one week.
  • And More!

" Maggie has inspired me - and so many others - to pursue what we love doing, and make a living out of it. I've already gained a few direct clients thanks to Maggie’s great teaching techniques that helped me get there. Thank you Maggie!

- Chad Garza | Houston, TX